7 Destinations You Mustn’t Miss in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country that’s located right next to Singapore and Indoensia. This country with 320.000km squared of land is very populated Malay tribes. But if you’re still confused, surely, we all know what Upin Ipin is. That’s right, Upin Ipin comes from Malaysia. Now that that’s cleared up, let’s take a look at the 7 destinations in Malaysia:


7 Destinations in Malaysia for Your Vacation Reference      

1) Petronas Twin Towers

This tower is one of the 7 destinations in Malaysia that you absolutely must not miss on your vacation. This tower is one of the highest building ever built in the 20th century by an Argentinian architect named César Pelli. It takes him 7 years to build this tower. As such, this tower located in Kuala Lumpur now becomes one of the iconic destinations when visiting Malaysia. 

2) Genting Highland

This town holds the nickname of Malaysia’s Las Vegas. It has many places you can visit, with the biggest one being its massive casinos that holds a certain attraction to its tourists.

3.    3) Putra Mosque

This mosque attracts a lot of tourists because the way its built. The mosque is built on top of Putrajaya lake with a unique architecture. A little bit of history, this mosque is built in 2 years from 1997 to 1979.

4.    4) Legoland

If you’re wondering what Legoland is as a destination, just think of Ancol in Indonesia. It’s just with Legoland, befitting of its name is build with Lego and their unique color. This destination is located in Johor, Malaysia.

5.    5) Kuala Lumpur Tower

This tower is located in Kuala Lumpur with height reaching a staggering 421m. This tower is one of the central telecommunication controls in Malaysia.

6.    6) Langkawi

Other than possessing natural beauty that should not be missed, this destination also has something interesting called Crocodile farm. Yes, this place is a crocodile conservation site, holding over 1000 of crocodiles.

7.    7) Batu Caves

Batu caves, popular by its 42,7m golden statue of Dewi Murugan is a place of worship for Hindus. Its calm and serenity make it a popular place to visit for tourists.


Out of the 7 destinations in Malaysia we above, which one do you want to visit the most? Using this article as a reference you can calculate how much fund you need in order to visit Malaysia..

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