7 Must See Destinations in China

China is often known as the country with the highest amount of population in the world, and as such it’s not a surprise to anyone that there are a lot of interesting and unique destination you can visit in it. Here are 7 destinations in China you must see for yourself: 

7 Most Beautiful Destinations to Visit in China

China have a very wide territory with diverse geographic contour. This is what makes China contains many allure and tourism attraction. 

1. The Great Wall of China 

I’m sure we all know what this very unique and iconic destination in China. This building is honored as one of new the seven wonders of the world. With a length of over 8.800km, this place offers a sight no other attraction has.

2. The Forbidden City

The forbidden city is a complex of a castle from the Ming and Qing Emporium. This site has become UNESCO World’s Heritage in 1987. This castle has been made into a museum where you can learn the culture and tradition of ancient China.

3. Yuyuan Garden

Yuyuan Garden which was built 400 years ago is one of the oldest gardens in the world. Here you can enjoy the majesty and uniqueness of old traditional building, shopping for souvenir, or see Chinese puppet show.

4. Mount Huang

Mount Huang or Huangshan is a highland sprawled on the part of East China, and have been one of the most popular tourists’ destinations in the world. You can feel the sensation of standing on the apex of a mountains where it almost feels like floating above clouds. 

5. Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaingo offers refreshing waterfall, crystal clear lake, as well as a wide array of pine trees. Oh, other important thing, this place is the natural habitat for Pandas, which in and of itself makes it worth visiting. 

6. Terracotta Army

One of the 7 destinations in China that you must visit is of course the Teracotta Army. The monumentality and majesty of thousands and thousands of real size statue made in Qin Shin Huang era will surely blow your mind. 

7. Yangshuo

In Yangshuo, you will be served with exorcism and beauty of the Karst plateau. This destination is very sutable for those who like to relax from everyday work. 

With this conclude a summary of 7 destinations in China you must visit in your vacation. We hope this article will be useful to you readers out there.