7 Must Visit Destinations in Malang

7 tempat wisata di Malang – Malang, a city located in East Java. Known for its abundance of unique destinations. The city itself is surrounded by four mountain ranges making it a very suitable place to get a fresh breath of air away from hustle and bustle of a metropolitan city


So, if you want to strengthen the bonds with your dearest ones, these 7 destinations in Malang is very worth to check out for yourself:


Here is 7 must visit destinations in Malang

1.      Bwalk Cottage

Bwalk Cottage makes it into the list of 7 destinations in Malang that you must visit. This cottage offers Hobbiton like atmosphere ala Indonesia. Located at Jl. Sidomakmur No. 82, this cottage offers food court, outbound activities, and museum.


2.      Wonosari Tea Plantation

The reason why this is a must visit is because it offers a wonderful view of quiet and calming tea plantation as far as the eyes can see. It’s also very cheap to enter too, only costing around Rp. 8000.


3.      Sumber Sirah

Sumer Sirah Water Springs is located in between two valleys making it possible for you to pass three places at once. Very recommended if you like to take pictures as a memory.


4.      Coban Tundo

Despite being relatively new, Coban Tundo makes it into our 7 destinations in Malang that you have to visit. You can find this place in Sidosari village only 3 hours away from Malang city.


5.      Enem Village

And the next in our 7 destinations in Malang is the newly inaugurated Enem Village. The treehouses in this village makes it a clear instragamable destination and is also the icon of this place with its calming scent.


6.      Nirwana Hill

This place offers manmade garden that’s decorated with a various type of plants, the kinds you’d find in rural areas and fields likes and with very exotic hills as a background.


7.      Sumber Maron

Last but not least of our 7 destinations in Malang that you have to visit is Sumber Maron that’s located in Karangsuko village. Tourists can really enjoy the river tubing adrenaline pumping experience.


And that’s all of the 7 destinations in Malang that you have to visit. Have fun exploring. Sometimes, vacationing doesn’t necessarily always have to be expensive and far. As long as we’re with the correct people, it’s enough.