7 Very Cheap and Affordable Destinations in Singapore

Singapore is a small country, neighboring Malaysia that’s often a must visit for any vacation. There even are 7 destinations in Singapore that’s very cheap and affordable, suited for traveler with limited budget. Now while we’re in the middle of the year, it’s not a bad idea to plan a visit to this lion Country anytime soon.

7 Recommendation of Affordable Destinations in Singapore

It’s not a secret anymore that Singapore is one of the most often visited place during thee holidays, here are some of the destinations worth visiting yourself during your vacation:

1.Raffle’s Landing Site

The first of 7 desinations in Singapore is Raffle’s Landing Site. This site is located in Boat Quay, Civic District near Singapore River. Here we can take pictures for free and enjoy the beauty that is the Singapore River.

2.Clarke Quay

Not too far from Raffle’s Landing Site is Clarke Quay. Here you can an array of Chinese nuanced building as well as colorful lights everywhere.


3.Singapore Botanic Garden

This garden with all green scenery will surely freshen up your holiday. This garden is placed at the heart of the city, and best of all, it’s free for all the visitors coming to see.


4.Orchard Road

Orchard Road, the most famous shopping center in Singapore. You’ll be able to find stands that sell a diverse array of souvenir, clothes, shoes, even other accessories.


5. Little India

Included as a favorite in 7 destinations in Singapore, this district is located on the eart part of Singapore River, and is the one most crowded too. You can find a 24-hour active shopping center here as a result


6. Marina Bay Sands

This three identical building is the icon of Singapore. Marina Bay Sands is a complex with hotel, malls, and casinos all in the same place. The best time to visit this place is of course during the evening, as we can see the gorgeous sunset from there.


7. Merlion Park

And last but not least, Merlion Park. The most iconic place in Singapore with its famous Merlion statue, a fish with the head of a lion. It’s located not too far from Marina Bay Sands, you can even walk there.


That’s the 7 destinations in Singapore that are very popular and would be a shame if we were to miss it. Enjoy your holiday!

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